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Since the conference will be held in English, there are no German versions of the programme and the abstracts.

Monday, 18 June

09:30-10:00  Words of Welcome

10:00-11:00  Theoretical Framework

Manfred Thaller (Cologne):

11:15-13:00  Database Design and Linkage

Databases for Early Cinema Research

Karel Dibbets (Amsterdam):

Culture in Context

14:30-16:00  Guest Scholar of the Siegen Research Centre

Jay David Bolter (Atlanta, Georgia):

Digital Technology and the Crisis of Aura in Contemporary Cinema

16:15-18:00  Measuring Success

Joseph Garncarz (Siegen):

Popularity and Early Cinema

Clara Pafort-Overduin (Utrecht) & Jaap Boter (Amsterdam):

The Influence of Compartmentalization in a Society on Film Distribution and Success

18:00-19:00  Dealing with Geographical Data (part 1)

Deb Verhoeven (Melbourne):

Mapping the Movies


Tuesday, 19 June

09:15-10:15  Dealing with Geographical Data (part 2)

Jens Wagner, Roger Sennert, Michael Ross (Siegen):

Putting Itinerant Cinemas on the Map

10:30-13:00  Film Analysis: Case Studies

Warren Buckland (London):   *** Cancelled ***

Who Directed Poltergeist (1982)?

Vera Kropf & Matthias Zeppelzauer (Vienna):

Peter Ludes (Bremen) & Leonardo Boccia (Salvador, Brazil):

Key Measures and Key Visuals in Brazilian and German TV Annual Reviews

14:30-17:00  Film Analysis Software

Yuri Tsivian (Chicago, Illinois):


Ralph Ewerth et al (Marburg):

Videana: A Software Tool for Scientific Film Analysis

Otthein Herzog et al (Bremen):

Automatic Movie Trailer Generation based on Semantic Video Patterns

17:15-19:00  Annotating Film

Text-based Film Retrieval 2006

Rolf Kloepfer (Mannheim):

How to describe systems of filmic effects